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Hi there!

My name is Michael Leo and I am really bad at this kind of thing. Truth to be told, I don’t even know what to write after this sentence, so I’ll just write down anything that passes by my head as I am writing this introduction page.

I started doing photography since I was 15 years old. Back then I was just toying with my dad’s camera, and ever since that time … I kept on doing photography just for fun, without learning a thing about photography skills. Well my luck has brought me a 2nd place in photography contest during high school, and being reckon by people around me that I excels in photography better than anyone in my school.

Well that is something to be proud of back then. I was really proud about it until I actually started doing photography on my second year of college. When I started doing photography, I was studying in New York. I was in love with landscape, because the view there is way more mesmerizing than the view from my hometown, Jakarta. However, my skill to capture the beauty was far short from the standard. I have never learnt about long exposure, how to use a tripod, the difference between aperture 2.8 and 22, and many other things. After realizing all of my shortage, I started to work harder on my photography skills, starting from learning the f-stop, then lighting, and lastly composition. I would say that I am still learning about lighting and composition until now; cause in my opinion there is no definite theory photography or any other artworks.

During my second year of photography, I started doing portraiture too. At first, it all started with the ideas of pleasing the instagram.  The idea was if you have a beautiful model, people would like it. After a few months, I have realized that it was not art that I was doing. For me, art is a place to find my true self … to tell the world about the real me. I feel like I can channel my emotions through arts, and the only art skills that I excels in is photography, compared to others such as drawing or graphic design; and I found it easiest through portraiture. I have never thought that a person’s eyes could tell a thousand stories. I started shifting from landscape to portraiture then. I wouldn’t say that I stop doing landscape, but I prefer to do photography that contains people in it rather than doing landscape photography.

And since, I am the type of person that only do things that I want to do, I choose to be a photographer. However, I always differentiate between working, and creating art. While working, it’s all about pleasing your client. You don’t get to do what you want; you can only do what your client wants. I am not saying that I am not enjoying my job at the moment. I am just saying that although you are working as something that you like, does not mean your life will get way easier. You might find yourself a client who has the same opinion. But … yeah, you won’t find it everyday.

It’s totally different LOL.

Well, I am running out of ideas on what to write right here, but I am definitely down for discussion or collaborations, especially if you are about to offer me a job. Feel free to contact me through everything that is listed down below, email, whatsapp, line, phone number … Do not hesitate guys!

Success! Message received.

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