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A shout into the void

This picture is taken on March 7th 2018. As usual I was just doing a photo walk with my friend who’s always willing to be my model over going to classes. At first we were actually planning to do a shoot while it’s snowing; however, since it was my first time doing a shoot while it’s snowing, w Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. e could simply say I failed. Starting from the gadget itself, I already made a mistake in it … excluding the lack of skills etc. Well, all those doesn’t really matter much cause in the end, I’ve managed to get the shot that I’ve always wanted.

From my experience, in my opinion … if you’re doing a portrait on a snowy day, don’t use a tele lens. The snow that flows in between the photographer and the model would create a huge distraction for the camera to focus, and towards the results itself. It would create a bokeh that would distract people from the main focus (the model). So, it’s a big no. I used my 70-200 that day, and you can see the result below. I would not say the same if you were shooting street photography on a snowy day, a 70-200 would probably be better.

Back to the main topic, as time goes by the snow was getting worse and we decided to went inside. We were walking in a hallway while sightseeing on what’s in the building, since none of us have taken a class in that building. We were walking until we saw an empty room with a very beautiful lighting. It was dark, no lights were on at the present time, and on top of it there’s only one window that allows light from outside to brighten the room. It was kind of the spotlight kind of spot, and I was totally excited to shoot in that room. If you have read the blog that I have written before, you would’ve totally understood why I like this kind of shot … Yeah, cause it reflects on things that have been stuck in my head on that moment.

That day was fun, I got to experienced shooting in the snow, my camera was proven weather sealed, and I got a really good shot that definitely satisfy myself that time, and till now. My point is, definitely go out there and shoot in any occasion. There is no such thing as a pointless photo walk just because you don’t like the theme or you’re unskilled in that theme. It might not be the best experience you’ll have, but you will definitely learn one or two things from that occasion. Keep on craving to move forward people!!

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