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What Gear do I Use ?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Well … now I’m going to spoil on what gear that I use to shoot. First, I am a Nikon user. Don’t ask me why because I am going to tell you soon enough. Second, I spent quite a lot on camera gears. Third, I haven’t mastered all the gears I have yet. I know what you guys are about to say … feel free to curse at me down below after you finished reading this blog.

To start with, all my gear is Nikon. My body camera is Nikon D 800. When I first started photography in high school, I used a Nikon D 70, then D 200, and later when I started doing it seriously I used Nikon D 700. Whew from 70 to 700. Why Nikon? Cause my dad loves Nikon. Yeah, it’s that simple. My dad is my biggest supplier for camera gears. Starting from the body camera, to lenses, to flashes, tripods, filters. In my high school years he already had the holy trinity of the Nikon. That’s kind of the privilege that I get from having the same hobby as my dad. Aside from the holy trinity, I have a micro 105mm 2.8, fisheye 16mm 2.8, and 300mm 2.8.

Yeah I spent a lot … my dad bought the holy trinity and the 300 mm. When I started doing photography seriously, my friend lent me his 105 in exchange of lending him my 70-200mm. I fell deeply in love with it. It’s as if the range fits perfectly for me to shoot portrait. Another gear that I bought by myself is the fisheye. Well, I just bought it for fun cause it gives you a result that you can’t normally get. I’m still glad that I bought it though. Took a few beautiful landscape and cityscape shot with it. The last gear that I bought for myself is the Nikon D 800. Why? Cause it has a bigger megapixel and it came out pretty recent compared to the D 700. I bet you guys can differentiate the pictures that I took with my D 700 and 800 especially, if you’re opening my gallery with a high-resolution screen.

Truth to be told, the only lenses that I have mastered currently is 24-70, 70-200, and lastly the 105. I began photography with 24-70. I used that lens for a whole year, and I ended using it for every single occasion now, although I have other lenses that might be easier to use instead of it. To make it easier for you guys to understand what I just said, I will give you an example. Let’s say I’m taking a group picture of 20 people in quite a small space. I would still use the 24mm rather than changing my lens to 14-24mm because I don’t have the courage to use it yet for work. I would still use my 14-24mm on some occasion but I rarely use it. Leave that lens for my dad. Don’t be like me and my dad guys … you’re just wasting it. Buy a lens that you feel if you don’t have it, you might go crazy. Use it wisely, and learn every single details and characteristics of the lens, and only if you feel like you have mastered it, you can buy a new lens, if not … don’t.

Now that I have told you guys about my gears, and everything that comes with it … I am ready to be cursed guys. Just not too harsh please.

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